Sunday, 22 January 2017

String Bean Vintage Note

22nd Jauary 2017

Have updated "Village Church" picture today, adding a little more colour to it. Soon to be printed into cards ready for stall events this year.

Put some colour round the church door and some blossom on the tree, found a nice piece of soft red fabric in my stash of bits! Can re-cycle and use very small bits of material for my String Bean pictures.

Carol xx

Monday, 9 January 2017

String Bean Vintage Note

First post for the new year 2017

Have over Christmas been doing a picture of a 1940's lady in a shop. Finished it this morning so will take it to the printers soon to get some cards done. I've called the picture "Ida".

Sitting in my sewing room looking out over rooftops at the rain this morning, going to catch up with some sewing this afternoon and sorting out of fabrics.

New picture attached....

Will post again soon

Carol x